Wild encounter challenge

If someone finds a bulbasaur, they can post the first post of a wild encounter of a bulbasaur. The next one sends a picture of an ivysaur encounter, etcetera. Must be in international Pokédex order. (Pokemon go Pokédex lists Pokemon according to the international dex)

Pictures can be in your library, as long as it is an encounter picture with that Pokemon.

6 hour rule applies here
Explanation: if you posted a Pokemon, and no one has replied for the next one, you can send that one.

Quests, raids and shadows count


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Anyone has an encounter Venusaur photo

Deleted it :dizzy_face:

Delete what

He deleted his venusaur encounter screenshot

Who is the he


Why did you delete it

I mean i deleted my venusaur encounter screen way before this challenge existed


Anyone a Venusaur by now? :slight_smile:

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Venusaur will be a long wait. lol

Anybody a venusaur encounter?


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I do! But my phone is charging right now. I’ll post it tomorrow or maybe later today.

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I managed to catch one about 2 days ago