Why Niantic Wayfarer is "dumb"

I’m so annoyed with the whole thing, people reviewing aren’t fair at all and disagree with everything.
I was suprised to see a huge statue in a hyper local spot wasn’t a stop, so I add it and for supporting information I added the description of the statue. Right next to the nomination are 2 stops and 2 gyms.
1 day later: DUPLICATE. Peopel don’t even check and just fill these things out as fast as possible for their own benefit. This is after 2 hours of getting enough agreements to upgrade the thing.

And this has happened multiple times.

I think the process should be a lot longer (reviewing), should take around 2-3 minutes, and 25 reviews should earn an upgrade. This is rediculous

It’s rated as a duplicate when another submitter has already submitted that stop and it is in either the queue or in voting. It doesn’t mean it already is a stop.

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You should check Ingress. It might be a Portal, but not a PokéStop as it might be in the same Level 17 S2 cell as another Wayspot. Also, Upgrades don’t have any benefits, besides that the process of the nomination being in the queue and in the voting phase goes faster when you use one on your nomination.


Furthermore people also don’t take reviewing too seriously, indeed. They reject a lot of things that are eligible. I sometimes see PokéStops (which have been there since the beginning of 2016 or suddenly appeared back in 2017) that I wouldn’t even try nominating right now if it would not have been a PokéStop already. They would most likely have been rejected by the reviewers. For example, I know at least two trees that are Wayspots (one is even a Gym). There is not much special about these. If they wouldn’t be Wayspots already and I would nominate them, the reviewers would reject it before I even nominate it, if that was possible). Also, the reasons of rejection are usually nonsense, too. I’m not sure if this is work of the reviewers or that the reasons are glitching, though.


I recently reached level 40 and signed up. I have approved everything I have seen. However, I’m not seeing anything for the town I put in at my hometown, it’s all stuff for miles away. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing.

If it was stuff for my hometown I’d take longer to review it but as it’s stuff for miles away it all just gets approved as they may need the extra stops.

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I honestly think Niantic Wayfarer would have been better without Upgrades and without the Agreement System it uses.

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No, that isnt a thing @Arem1771 . Its probably what @Jormdeworm says. It might exsist already in Ingress. Its pretty easy to check by just making an Ingress account.

The range arround the place you put as a home location is quite big, so you will see ALOT of stuff thats not from your hometown. They do this to prevent abusement of the system.
And by just approving anything your oppinion will become less vallueable to Niantic. It just gives you a bad rating after a while.

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It’s currently immpossible to know if something’s already a wayspot, as long as you do not have an Ingress account to access their “Intel Map” or whatever it’s really called. (I use it, I don’t want to waste nominations)
And this has to change. If they let Pokémon GO players nominate, they should have the same amount of information available as Ingress players.

I don’t know why they even insist on those strange S2 cell rules for new nominations, whereas you can move existing POIs around and probably put 10 of them into one cell and still have them on Pokémon GO.
They probably had their reasons, but we will never know.

What I’d really love to see is a seperate Wayfarer app that players of all three games can use. It could be used for nominating, managing your nominations and reviewing, and it could include the POI map that is already available for Ingress players, and this new 3D scanning stuff they are working on could be included as well, without having to include it in three different games… (Just my two cents, this would probably have disadvantages, too).


Oh thats simple: Its because Niantic is famously incompetent.


I have tried moving some indeed, but they keep rejecting that.

I know what you mean. It’s not easy getting POIs moved if their position isn’t blatantly wrong and the suggested one obviously correct. Some of my changes get approved, others are rejected…

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