Why i hope Niantic will never introduce Team changing

If Niantic would introduce Team changing, game would become even more unbalanced, especially for Team Instinct players. How? If players could switch to other team ONE time, 60-70% of Instinct players would permanently switch to Mystic or Valor, Mystic and Valor would dominate game even more, while loyal Instinct players (like me) would be endlessly being smashed by Mystic or Valor.


If it would be a single opportunity just like name changing I bet you lots of people will think twice before doing so. Especially if like you said so many will change sides to Mystic or Valor it’ll mean many of them will have even slimmer chances of getting to occupy nearby gyms etc since there will be an abundance of teammates in the area. So I personally think the desire to change teams will actually balance itself out. And of course quite a few Mystic and Valor players will probably change to Instinct because of the lower amount of players on that team and therefore better gym opportunities.


Im pretty sure in my city Instinct would become the biggest team. We have a pretty happy group :slight_smile:
I dont think id like it tough. Some people i wouldnt mind on our team, but i can do whitout others…

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I think it is childish optimisum to think some Valor or Mystic people will change over to Instinct, or at least a large enough amount to balance out the immence ammount of Instinct people who would switch over. It makes more sense that it would cause more imbalance by allowing this, making it more unfair for the loyal Instinct people.

Well maybe in your area, but just because you have only 1 or 2 Instinct players arround doesnt mean the entire world is like that. We have a group of 90 Instinct players, and we hold about 1/3 of the gyms in our city each day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Definetly the most active raiders in our city are Instinct. I know enough people that already said they would go Instinct, and the ones that would go valour or mystic arent the ones that would pose a threat to us…


In my area, Instinct is definitely a minority, but I seriously doubt any of us would switch teams, everyone here is proud of their team and don’t think it would cause much of a shift at all, possibly even an increase in Instinct memberships

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my city right now. Instinct FTW!
Of course during the day it changes, but for us aswell, instinct is a big and active group, even hosting BBQ’s and dinners for meetups.
Teamchange would be in our favor even i think as we are more organized and more social.

It all depends on your situation. I do agree they’ll never allows us to do it. Just keep it as it is.

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I am happy being Team Valor but as non-veteran to PM, I chose without any background knowledge when the App started.
I think allowing Players to re-decide one time with better knowledge would be fair.

My brother resides in Singapore and is always astonished regarding the little presence of team Instinct in my area as it seems to be at least on par with the others where he lives.

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I am a proud Team Instinct member and had no idea what I was picking when I started July12th 2016. Just liked what the little description was for Instinct so picked it. We are the top team in players, active raiders,and highest levels in my hometown. However everywhere else we go to play we are the extreme minority which sucks. I would welcome the help but someone has to be 3rd so no biggie.

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I think most mystics would wanna change cause they have to much of a dominance. While Valor would probably stay the same and Instinct would change to blue.