Why Focus blast a fighting type atack its not efective agains fairy type pokemon?

Cheking teh data base of the Hub, in Alakazam i see that Focus-Blast its not efective agains fairy type pokemon and my question its why? because fairy its weak agains fighting type atacks


Sorry my bad, i confused blissey type of pokemon,…

Fighting preys on that normal typing for sure. I call it a “super hater” relationship. Where no matter what the other typing the Mon has because it’s a normal also it takes SE.

Pidgey, for example. Use a fight move on a pidgey. SE. Cause of the normal typing.

For defense tech I have legit thoughts on a confusion/ focus blast alakazam. It’s a trap. Throw him on a fresh conquest or wherever hell be fought first. The attacker will see that psychic first up and I guarantee their gonna pick their T-taur at the top of their lists.