Why doesn't my evolve feature work?

Every time I try to evolve anything, the app takes my candy and no evolve takes place.

How do I fix it?

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Report critical issue button in settings

Do you double check to see if the Pokemkn evolved? I have gotten errors before where it doesn’t show the evolution animation BUT when i look for said MON it has indeed evolved.


Sometimes happens to me as well, did you lose the candy?

That can’t be correct. Either your evolve button does evolve and it doesn’t show the animation, or it doesn’t evolve at all

I think he’s referring to the glitch where the game skips the evolve animation and you’re left sitting there staring at a Pokémon that’s ‘not evolved’ with all the candy gone

Try this, when you evolve your Pokemon and it for some reason it doesn’t, refresh your game and it should show the Pokemon in its desired evolved form. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

How do I refresh my game?

Either log out then back in, or just close and reopen the app

I did that and then evolved a shellder. It’s evolving, just skipping the Animations. Still weird, but at least I’m not getting robbed. Lol

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I had an even weirder one, this happened when I tried to evolve Shelgon


Show Prf Oak that we got a new one for the dex.

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There’s a topic on that glitch