Why does Niantic have a Bias for Chansey and Blissey?

So, Chansey and Blissey have been powerhouses since Season 2 tanking gyms. Even their best known counter, Machamp with best moveset would take some time beating them. And they can counter Machamp back because they have a fairy move, something fighters are weak against.
What confirms their bias even more is Chansey, a pre-evolved form is better than 98% of the final evolved form of pokemons when it comes to defending gyms.

I mean we could have someone who actually looks sturdy like Aggron, Blastoise, heck even Snorlax is outclassed by these 2 forms: pre-evolved and evolved.

I say nerf both Chansey and Blissey. I personally think their time in the spotlight should have ended a long time ago. Buff the likes of Blastoise, Aggron and Snorlax (the pokemons who are actually iconic).

Defending gyms is so unrewarding these days that I just look for mildly-populated gyms, conquer it and put my weakest pokemon there then transfer them when they get defeated. Where’s the competition?
Chansey and Blissey are the only tanky defenders and both are of the same type. I say nerf them to the ground, replace them with Snorlax and diversify the types of gym defenders. Assign pokemons with different types to have high health and their movesets adjusted to suit defending gyms.

Now I understand Niantic is worried about spoofers but shouldn’t we be trying to solve fighting spoofers rather than dumbing down the quality of the game? It’s like saying “there are a lot of criminals so instead of training our law enforcers, let’s sell less goods, destroy our economy, make less money so that we won’t get robbed”.

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They have already rebalanced stats, and Blissey received a rather substantial nerf.

The stats in this game or based on the stats from the main series Pokémon games. The Pokémon company requires Niantic to roughly follow the main series stats and have to stay in line with those.

Like it or not these two punching bags are here for the long haul. The only way these two get dethroned is if Niantic changes the gym battle AI to favor attackers or let’s us put legendary Pokémon in gym.


The last stat change made Chansey and Blissey easy enough to beat with more choices to do the job. No need to nerf them anymore.
No Gym is defendable now unless you want to GRazz it and even then if someone really wants to take it they can if they want to put in a bit more time. Niantic don’t want stale stay in long time Gyms. They want them to turn over and want it easy enough that most players can do that without making it stupidly easy that people wont use anything else other than Pidgeys and Rats as there’s no point.


Meh, not really. If Pokemon company required Niantic to follow the stats of the pokemon games, Chansey and Blissey would become pokedex fillers. They were never the best at anything in the Pokemon games.

I would say make defense more significant. That way these two will not be the only choice for defenders,we’d get a variety.

And now you are trolling here as well
Yeah, Blissey was never the best special wall or anything

They arent THAT good…
Even maxxed and with that fairy move you mention, they will still always go down. Gym battles arent really challenging in PoGO. In the end the attacker will always win…


Why do you think these two have the most HP in the Pogo? It is because in the in main series games they have the highest stamina.

As already stated they are just punching bags, horrible attack stats but tons of HP. If you need to take them down and want a quality counter besides Machamp, get a focus blast Mewtwo. None of the moves are super effective and with a maxed out Mewtwo one can take down a maxed out Chansey and Blissey with minimal need to dodge or revive (hyperbeam requires dodging if you want to battle 6 times without healing or reviving).

A determined player will always prevail and there are plenty of folks in this world who put a variety of Pokémon in gyms.


Blissy got soo nerfed(already) that i don’t even use my army of Blissy anymore.


I still see Blissey defending gyms, but not as often as I used to. Also: As others have said, it’s pretty easy to take down. I’m actually not sure why so many people still leave one in gyms. They have went from being a nuisance to a non-factor, in my opinion.

LoL guys. It’s not that I’m having a hard time taking down Blissey and Chansey, it’s just that in every competitive gym, they are always present. And they are the only hard pokemons to take down. I would like to have a variety. Increase Blastoise’ and Aggron’s health. And Snorlax too. Give players a reason to put someone else in a gym when Chansey and Blissey are not yet there.

Right now, I’m taking pleasure in killing these 2 fatsos because of how annoyingly overused they are.

Maybe where you live, I barely see anyone use blissey or chansey here, mostly aggrons, slaking, rhyperior, metagross and shinies.

Trainers also do it for coins knowing there are trainers like yourself who don’t like them.

My experience with blissey isn’t that bad, I can defeat level 40 ones using level ~35 pokemon that aren’t even the best counters. I mostly have trouble if the defenders are using golden razz berries, and my own blissey which is also level ~35, gets taken down quickly. This was the experience even before the CP rework, and also after that (and I almost never do gym battles anymore)

As easy as it is to take down Blissey and Chancey they do take a bit more time than everything else so the only benefit is being able to catch an attacked Gym in time if you want to GRazz it in hope the attacker will have a tantrum and move on to a softer target. I know plenty that move on if GRazzed including my current Red Pest.

If your like me, that will not stop me as once I start attacking a Gym I will just keep going until it’s leveled. I have the strong counters required to do it as quick as possible and a mountain of health items that wont be affected. I welcome the extra points too as if I’m attacking your Gym I’m not Gold in it yet.