Who wants the old raid bosses to return? (for example: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard)

Who here wants all the first ever raid bosses to return to Pokemon GO?


Are the legendarys included?

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Yes, I miss Lugia

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Okay then yes


i need moltes and articuno

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I dont really care for any non-legendary raid. Did some Ttars during the time the beasts were still arround cause it was double candy and Suicune was present at our location. Didnt need more than 6 of him.
Did 1 mawille and 1 absol each just to have them in the dex

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You should do more absols and Mawile, becouse they can Be Shiny. I already have 2 Shiny mawile

TBH, the only boss I want to see return is Raikou. Great generalist, amazing Electric type, amazing visuals for a legendary beast. Gen 1 starters? Not really hyped about them in any way

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I’d like to see all the Ledgendary recirculated again for either 2 weeks at a time if they do it in groups at a time or all of them at a the same time for a Month.

For a 2 Week Group I’d go
Legenadary Birds:

Ledgendary Beasts + Lugia

For a Month block I’d put all the above in the mix and just let them come up randomly.

I wouldn’t see a need to do Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza again so soon. I’d save them and do them again in a few moths time.

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Shinys dont agree with me. I have 1 shiny pikachu from the first community day, 2 shiny dratini from the second. For me shinys are cool, but im not gonna waste raid passes on them. Id rather have a 100% Rayquaze to complete the weather trio since i got Kyogre and Groudon already :slight_smile:

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I would really like all the Legendary Birds and Beasts return.

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I think we need a way to get legendaries without raids. The social aspect is nice and all, but some people would just rather play solo, or in many areas don’t have a choice

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No to the old raidbosses. We’ve had them, done them and caught them. Time for new ones to take place. It’s not like they were uber rare pokemon to start with or needed for the meta. Only 2 that makes good sense to keep are Machamp and TTar. They are meta and hard to get (Machamp can be pretty easy to get i guess).

Also, keep it fresh! we need new bosses to keep it interesting.


We’ve only had CRAP raid bosses after the old ones. (Example: Starmie, Claydol, Tentacruel)

I want bosses that are worth putting Premium (and free) Raid Passes into.

I still need all Legendaries before Groudon. My kids still don’t have Tyranitar or Charizard or Blastoise.

Tyranitar and Charizard are availabe in Raids now, but you need many people to raid it.

^^^I know. Haven’t gotten enough people to respond on Discord when they pop up. I’m sure I will eventually.

T-tar is duoable, done it with 4 many times. Once with 3.

Lugia would acompany the birds tho, and Ho-oh would acompany the beasts

Otherwise, I like the idea, I miss them

One time I defeated it with 6-7 raiders. And I was the lucky one whose Tyranitar ran.