Who needs Team Rocket when you have a thriving black market

Dont you guys think that we just dont need any team rocket in the game cuz just think there is already a striving black market for pokemon go waiting for trading to come and then there we got spoofers and bots.

Just think about how much bot discord server owners and botmasters earn each day while making the game a hell for legits.
Even Legendaries are sold like cupcakes…
whats your take??

How the living hell does catching Pokémon make it worse for legits

Cheating is for slime balls and it is a hellish existence to know that an inferior morality is playing the game better than you due to cheating. Also, you bot bruh?

I don’t use bots or anything, but I want you to know that the people that run them are almost always losing money. It’s also a ton of work to keep them operational. Although I personally disagree with it, those people are providing a service.

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I’m computer illiterate and don’t even understand how spoofing and bots work. It really doesn’t effect how I play either. If someone golden raspberries me while I’m taking down a gym, I just move onto the next one. They must want to keep it for some reason instead of getting their coins, so it’s not worth the hassle. Very rarely does that ever happen. If I get knocked out right after putting monsters in, then so what? I got monsters all over the place. Since the gym rework, I’ve learned quantity trumps quality. So spoofers don’t really bother me, because I play legit and doesn’t really affect me.

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That is because you play legit in an urban area not in a rural place where there is only one gym in the whole area and spoofers want that one too.

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