Who is excited for Cyndaquil Day?

Finally, the 3x Stardust Bonus is here!!!

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I’m excited for 3x Dust Day not For Cyndaquil day :grinning:


(Ok then) hahhahahhahah

Ill catch a few shinies then

Although I kind of wanted totodile day first, because I don’t have a Feraligatr, and have a croconaw that is 98 % IV

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I have a 100 IV Croconaw and Feriligator Hydro Cannon is awesome! :heart_eyes:

  1. I do not get very many rare spawns,
  2. I never hatch what I need,
    and 3. WHY?

Typhlosion was my favorite in silver. Excited.


More excited about 3x stardust and shiny than BB Typhlosion. Does it have the same stat as Charizard? How far will it improve with BB??

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They ironically have the same max cp and same atk stat, but charizard has a higher defense and stamina stat, which would make him better…unfortunately

Typhlosion also has a whopping 55 defense stat

I cant wait for Cyndaquil day! I still dont have a good IV one, and still dont have Typhlosion registered on my dex. :confused:


No , Feriligator is the only useful gen 2 starter final evolve with 205 attack , 170 stamina, and 59 defense.

Hydro Cannon is an insanely good move so Feriligator will be better than Vaporeon and Gyrados dps wise then.

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I accept every Community Day because I love catching shinies.




can’t see any confirmation of this anywhere. I’d rather go fishing than catch such a useless pokemon

Respect all fire starters!

Also i believe its in going in order, 2 months ago was Chikorita, Beldum was a special case idk why(?) and now back to the starters. The water one i guess could be next also

only speculation nothing has been posted about it anywhere

If they follow the pattern, Cyndaquil will be next and it will be 3x stardust. And I’d be happy with it. I don’t think I’d ever not like a Community Day…

But we are talking about Niantic, so always expect the unexpected! The Eevee CD was a big success, and they might do something similar in the future (maybe not until December, though… who wouldn’t want a special CD for Christmas?)

Meh, would be good to get some shinies but Cynda simply sucks

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