Who has the best IV Mew

I’m still working my way towards catching Mew, but has anyone caught themselves a perfect IV? Or anything in the high 90s?

Also, what moveset are you working with?

I have 71

76%, 10/12/12…

I rarely get good IV pokémon from the research system… Rarely any 80%+… My luck in raids is far better.

Anyone else experiencing this?

mine is 80% (Att:10/Def:13 /HP:13)

If I got the right translations, its moves are Rock Smash and Dark Pulse

I’m not planning to use it for battles, so I won’t use any TMs on it. It’s more of a trophy to me.
My raid IVs usually are similarly low, but I got a decent Houndour (91%) from a quest.

The smaller quests I’ve found to be pretty poor IVs, but my first Moltres was 91 so very happy with that.

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Mine is 88%

I have seen someone with a 100% mew

I can’t let you know yet

Got a round, nice to my ocd 1300 CP 84% (14/12/12). Shadow Claw and Thunderbolt.
A double ghost moveset would’ve been nice, but no way I’m risking it.

I got an 80 with snarl and hyper beam :unamused:

Mine’s also 80 with cut and dragon claw

One of the family members got a 93%, mine was nearly as bad as it could get with 10 10 11.
What is most disappointing with that one is I have no possibility to get a better one at this stage.

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At least you have mew… where is my ditto! ready for every other quest tho

@Pokemon know your pain. Almost had one at beginning of that stage, but it broke out and ran away. Went thru 300+ pokeballs, a couple of hours of lures and incense and days of catching everything, but no luck.Then poof one of the random spawns at my house, yep, there’s Ditto.

As for my Mew, thought he was just average but now I’m starting to wonder. He’s 89% 15A15D10H

I have a 92% IV Mew with 1238CP

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I was stuck on ditto but I belive that when Mew came the chances for ditto are a lot higher.After I got my ditto I got 3 more in just 2 days.

Managed to get mine last night… 11/11/11 73%

Very disappointing

Jup. 69 ~ 76% Mew, no encounters with IV worth mentioning.
100% out of raids: Tyranitar, Groudon, Kyogre (twice, first ran away, weather boosted caught on the last day)
98% Kyogre (2x), Raikou (2x), Rayquaza, Ho-oh.
96% Kyogre (3x), Groudon, Rayquaza (2x), Raikou, Mewtwo.

All with 15 Attack stat, i might have thrown away a few who were this high but with 14 Attack. Got a few more 90+ IV with 15 attack from most of them but that would make the list a bit long :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine worse 10 - 10- 12
Att def Hp I know wrong order but yes sad sad sad. After all of that. Brother needs I more Pokémon with berry .

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Order seems right to me.

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