Who do you think is online the most?

Comment below who you think is very active and should be in a poll for a contest. I already have 5 in mind…


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Who in the heavens is that?

me and thats probably a fact.

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Before i got banned 2 times, lost my regular, and lost lead bout my challenge me

No idea

Lol ur not

Nope hes only been online for 3 days

says someone less active than me who thinks they are lol

We are both same active both 3 days

Look at read time

means nothing

You say you were. you say i am not. :bowing_man:t5:‍♂️i say i always been since i started coming here :speaking_head:

I think good participants are:

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I think im more online as @MrHeineken88.

Youre arguing with a guy who doesnt care about stats. You wont convince him :wink:

But yeah its neither of you. (not me either). Its definitly bagguille with his 12 days read time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hub-junkie :grin::rofl:

Wow, bagguile is echt verslaafd

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Lol I’m going to be sitting through the hundred notifications I got when I woke up…

I miss @Mapman42