Who creates pokestops?

Im lucky, by me there are 3 Gyms and 5 Pokestops.
But where my parents live there are None !! Even though its a built up area, however it is full of old people so does this explain it ?

Anyway, who creates pokestops and will we get more in future ?

Ingress players create them.
Ingress is a pokemon go like game where you have portals instead of gyms and pokestops.
If you are a high enough level in ingress you can create portals.
Most of tje portals wil become stops ans gyms in Pokémon GO.

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If you download Ingress and become level 10 (if I’m right) you can submit Ingress Portals. Later, the can become PokéStops in Pokémon GO if Niantic wants to.

Niantic is working on a PokéStop submission too at the moment. We don’t know when it will be available in the game yet, but it can be very soon. We also don’t know how to submit it yet.

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Level 10 in Ingress is extreme hard so just wait for pokestop submission


Yes i second this! I downloaded Ingress thinking I’d just play for a couple of weeks, get to level 10 and then submit a portal request however, unlike Pokemon go it appears you can only play it when you are at a portal so you can’t play from home/work/while walking and I read somewhere last week that Level 10 on ingress is the equivalent of something like Level 35 on Pokemon Go so added to the fact that it’s as dull as ditchwater to play I’ve uninstalled it and am just going to wait for Po Go to launch pokestop submissions.

It took me 3 months to get level 4 and i played like 2 houra a day.
Ingress is even worse for rurals

how rural are you? do you mean you’re just surburban, or do you actually live in the middle of nowhere?

3 pokestops 2 gyms 5 players

I would be able to level up on ingress if I wasn’t concerned about it being a waste of time (e.g just as I get to the level niantic adds pokestop submission in PG.

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Do you live anywhere live urban? If not try to encourage people to play. I live surburban, but close to urban. We even have an active WhatsApp,and making a discord.

I need to walk 20km for suburban