Who are lucky enough to get an invitation on exclusive raids?

The exclusive raids are tested on today. We’re able to get an exclusive raid pass from now on or maybe soon. Could you tell me whether you’ve got an raid pass?
If so, I would like to know how the exclusive raid pass works. Just tell me about this and share images to us.

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Gives you a date and a time. Be there or be square.

Confirming some of my own personal fears.

(1) You better hope you get an invite
(2) Hope you can make that arbitrary 2 hour window
(3) Hope enough other people got an invite
(4) Hope everyone can make that time slot as well

All those variable really limit the possibility for success.

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Therefore the capture rate of Mewtwo is higher than the other legendary Pokemon’s.

Why not 10 hours for an invite only thing… I’ve seen a few Articuno and a zapdos while on the way to work at half 7 in the morning, if a exclusion raid comes up here, I bet it’s gunna be at a ridiculous time that none of my group will be able to get to. Raids seem to finish before 6pm, which is annoying when half aren’t home til then

Limitations on capturing a exclusive raid boss:

  1. Receiving a invitation
  2. No. of trainers nearby who has received a raid pass
  3. Defeating the raid boss
  4. Timing (spare time to play Pokemon GO)
  5. Successful to capture the Pokemon
  6. Where are you (rural areas are unlikely to appear exclusive raid boss)

What would you feel if the exclusive raid pass is wasted? (Maybe you’re unable to capture the raid boss)

The system is just starting and Niantic has already announced plans to adjust it as it slowly is rolled out worldwide. I think patience is the best course of action, no use getting stressed out this early before we know the details and final design.


You would think that you’d get a Legendary Raid invitation from any location where you have a gold gym badge.

They do not work that way, they are based on raiding not gym badge level.

If it was gym badge level you might literally only have 1 person receiving it. By being based on raid activity you should theoretically have enough people to do a raid.