White screen when trying to catch pokemon since latest update. Help

Howdy, hopefully someone else has experienced this or has tips for what I can do. Basically I see this every time I try to catch something:

It only started happening since the last time I updated, which I think was a few days ago now. I have been through all the settings, can’t find anything, and even reinstalled the app twice, but it keeps happening every time. There is no button or anything to switch the view either when it happens. It’s like it is trying to display the AR, but failing, and not giving me the option to go back to the usual view. So I swallowed my pride and came here groveling for help, like the useless person I am.

Any ideas?


My Pokeball freezes on the screen when I catch something quite often since last update. I also get kicked out of game a lot when checking my gym status. I’m sure it’s a bug with last update and will be fixed soon.

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Had that problem with the update:
Desinstall the app, reinstall it. When it asks for permissions to use the camera say yes. When you are going to catch a pokemon, just say you don´t want the AR enable. Problem solved. When you finish playing, just get to the definitions and remove the permission to use the camera.

Since this morning im having the problem with catching pokemon, ball freezes or the gps stops responding when it´s registering experience. Yesterday wasn´t having this problem… no new update, probably some problem with the new pokemon and something that is failing on the data.

I have the same problem after update. Temporarily enabling camera permission will allow you to disable AR mode, it should fix the white background issue. You can leave the camera permission on or turn it off afterward.