White ball when there should be a pokemon

Hi guys
looking for some help
I have just changed my phone using a huawei p20 Pro now and everytime I use my data (4g) half the pokemon are missing or a white ball it works fine if I’m on WiFi

Bad connection

Everything else on 4g works fine just pokemon go that has the issue

It happens to me also, when you go on the game more often, it happens less, when you play less it happens more. :joy::sweat_smile:

That is tied with the cache. Keep playing and you will get less and less of those. Mobile connections reduce the traffic, that makes the images to load very slowly.
On some gyms, an Alolan Muk makes the loading super slow.

I haven’t played in 5 days and look:

@Scotyy1208 Just to clarify:We are not Niantic.:wink:

you replayed to fast XD

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