Which would you rather have trading or pvp and why

I chose trading because you could help out your friends who are lower level get some rarer pokemon or items

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    1. I would rather have Trading.
    1. I would rather have PvP.

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I guess Trading will make the game lose it’s fun, because you probably can get everything.
Also think about spoofers: They’ll just Trade everything to their new account before they get blocked. Or they just Trade with other players.

So I go for PvP.

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I hope niantic is reading this


i rather PVP. PVP brings the thrill of battle. My dex is completed except for a few Pokemon ( literally 1 ) so i don’t need to trade.

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I’d rather have the battle rework they need to make PVP work and then add PVP, I think there would be too many issues with trading that would take away from the enjoyment of the game. Unlike other Pokémon games, the main purpose of PoGo is collecting, so adding trading would defeat the main purpose.

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You could give your friends shinys to

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Since the battle is… Not so strategic and would just result in endless switches, I would much prefer trading to get some Mons I dont have and give others what they dont have

But in the main games, Im all in for battling


PvP because trading would give people with multiple accounts a huge advantage. It would raise an imbalance, and would make shinies less special.
I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d much rather take down a gym with my Dragonite that I hatched from dratini and buddied for so long, than a Dragonite that I’d never seen before the day I traded. It doesn’t feel right completing your Pokedex off a trade. I want to earn the Pokemon that I get.

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Trade. Simply because regionals.


I chose trading personally because I would like to finish up the few spots in my Pokédex, but I would rather have pvp when all is said and done

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There are quite a number of Pokemon that evolve by trading, so that’s the first thing to say. So I have to say I’d prioritize trading (even though it’s though to choose) because it’ll help broaden the diversity of evolution methods. Also, yes, for the sake of regional Pokémon too. Trading has been a core aspect of Pokémon since the start. Plus, I’m hoarding all the legendary Pokémon I find in the hopes of trading coming out - I know some people will find them useful.

There’s far more to the game than simply completing the Pokédex; what constitutes being a “Pokémon Master” is never properly explained anyway. I’ve completed the Pokédex as much as I can and I still have a lot of fun. Everyone plays differently and I would personally welcome the help of others to help to complete my Pokédex faster. If you think that trading will can potentially get you everything for you Pokédex right away: don’t trade with people.

I fail to see how trading will ruin the fun for me. Everyone plays the game differently, and if you don’t want to trade then you can simply chose not to trade and acquire new Pokédex entries just by walking around alone. You’d still have to earn the Pokémon in order to trade to the other person because if you want something rare from somebody chances are they’ll want something rare.

I’ve used trading all of the time in the main series game to help complete my Pokédex there. Now that we have over eight-hundred Pokémon it becomes increasingly difficult to find the one you want. Why should I have to “re-invent the wheel” or build one myself when there’s somebody with a perfectly good wheel that I can trade - my sheet of metal let’s say - for? Trading allows me to focus on other aspects of the game.

Specialization is a cornerstone of the modern economy. Trading make sense. We need trade to survive. Consider the video “How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months”, where everything is grown and made from scratch because he’s having to re-invent everything himself. It’s an extreme example of course.

If somebody happens to have hundreds of 100% Pokémon it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The damage output is not really that much different from a more “average” Pokémon. Yes, they could be a spoofer,but there are also people who have put in a lot of effort to catch all of their 100% Pokémon. 100%s are nice to have, sure, but I don’t go out of my way to get them. Anything above 90% I’m generally happy with.

But also consider in the main series game there were restrictions on traded Pokémon. For example you needed gym badges to control traded Pokémon of a certain level. One way to mitigate spoofers simply trading their Pokémon away to a new account before the old account is blocked is to say: “Okay, you want to trade that level forty Lugia to a different account? That account that you’re trading two needs to be level thirty-eight or above.” That way, low level accounts don’t end up with Pokémon that they shouldn’t own. That would be a major disincentive I feel.

The main series games have had to deal with issues surrounding trading and hacking for the longest time. I don’t see why trading cannot be implemented into Pokémon Go. A lot of the time it sounds like people who are against trading are wanting other people to be forced to play like they do. I know that there are many people who don’t want to purposely handicap themselves.


For all of the people who say they want trading for regionals, how many people do you know that have regionals you don’t that are willing to trade?

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Personally a few. Most people in my area have the same regionals that I have. For me trading would help me get the 2-3 regionals I’d have the hardest time getting; Khangskhan, relicanth and tropius

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well said

I would like PvP. Trading would just ruin the purpose of going out and looking for Pokémon, and spoofers could also trade you counterfeit Pokémon that they caught while spoofing.


I feel the same way

I know many people are against trading for various reasons. And I do understand them. But I still think it could be implemented in a reasonable way without destoying the fun or giving big advantages to spoofers. There have been great suggestions out there, including that you require a trading pass which must be earned first (maybe through quests…) and a limitation of trading only x Pokémon within a day/week or so…

I know that PvP is something all people are looking forward to… And for all those I really hope we will be getting it.

But personally speaking… I don’t have many others to play with. The raid group only comes together for raids (and sometimes we meet in the park for community days), I don’t think they’d be interested in PvP battles. My partner is probably the only one I could battle.

This is why I’d prefer trading. I’d love to trade my 98% IV Mr. Mime for any weak Tauros with one of the Americans that regularly visit my town (we do have a small harbor for river cruises…). :star_struck:

Yes I thought the same.

I want PvP and here’s why:

  • trading is no content, PvP is. Trading is something you do once or twice or even 20 times in the first week and then never again. Pvp is content, it can keep you busy and we need stuff to keep us busy so we keep playing.
  • trading is an essential part of the core games. It’s needed to evolve and to even complete your dex. We need neither. We can evolve without trading and although i hate all those regionals, you can get them without trading. Yes, getting them takes time and (a lot of) money, but it is possible. (for the record, i got 0 regionals)
  • I don’t believe Niantic can ever create a 100% safe way for trading that blocks spoofers
  • how fun is the game if you can get every pokemon in a 100% version without even going outside to play?
  • I would really like to play against other players from my community. Imagine to fun stuff you (or even Niantic) can do with mini tournaments?