Which TGR reward when months have passed?

Like many players, I attacked the Team Go Rocket leader missions with purpose at first. But after the same cycle repeated month after month, and the depletion of stardust, revives, and TMs grew critical, I grew tired of the way Sierra, Arlo, Cliff, and Giovanni had taken over most of my play time and resources; and I stopped after my 3rd or 4th time through them.

Whatever the reason, I feel an interest in the leaders again this month. I wonder, though, whether the prize for finishing the quests that have sat, ignored, for half a year will be the prize that existed when I got those quests months ago, or the ones listed for this month? (Are the Pokémon and rewards set when the professor gives the quest or when I do it?)

I’d hate to go back and slog through them only to get something like a Shadow Entei, instead of a Shadow Mewtwo…

Shadow Mewtwo is the prize this time, but with three new Pokemon–one of them being PvP relevant while the others are good counters of their own in PvE–hatching from the Strange Eggs, I find myself quite drawn to them. The leaders seem to be easier this time around too–Sierra doesn’t have double-Lapras anymore–so it’s not as stressful.

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There is an elite tm at the e end of the quest line. Not sure if there always has been one at the end, but I am pretty happy there is one

Maybe I’m only lazy, but still I was not able to win any of this leaders. :scream:

In november '19 there was a special investigation “Looming in the shadows”. I’m still in the fourth level of this investigation where I have to beat the three leaders. So, the new investigation doesn’t appear in my account.

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To be more specific, both of my accounts have Cliff left for stage 4/6 of the quest “A Professor’s Work is Never Done”, and both have yet to start “GO Fest 2020: Rocket Straight to Victory”. Do I understand rightly that the tasks and rewards if I do them now will be what they were for those quests when they were current, not today’s current quest tasks and rewards?

You could finish your old one, and then the new one both this month for 2 shadow mewtwo.
I still had an old super rocket radar so i already got my shadow Mewtwo for this month, and now i have the rest of the month to decide if i want a third (cause i got my first from GoFEST).

First world problems.

You’re talking about deciding whether to get a third shadow mewtwo… Did you get a second one, yet? Or are you just daydreaming? Word circulating on Discord this morning is that there is a hard limit of one shadow mewtwo per-player. (if somebody already has 2, then 1 is obviously not a firm limit) And now I see a rumor that somebody heard somebody brag about having two. It’s all secondhand reports, though. Who has firsthand evidence of somebody having more than one?

My problem is, that I play the spanish version: there the old investigation is called “Acechando en las sombras”, so I tried to translate it to english.


Thank you. (And congratulations)

So now the original question is the one remaining, and I’ll just have to find out for myself, I guess. (I have left to do Cliff from Professor’s Work is Never Done, and all three from GoFest Rocket Straight to Victory – when I encounter them today will they have the mons they had during those quests, or the mons they feature for October 2020? The issue,of course, is that the counters will depend to some degree on which mons they have, as should the reward mons once I win the battles.)

And all of us will have learned something when you will or can publicate the result… :grin:

If you have an extra super Rocket radar, you should be able to get an extra Shadow Mewtwo because that is the current Giovanni reward.

The line up doesnt have anything to do with the quest, so they will have the mons they got at this last rotation. Not the ones they had during GOFest.
So the shadow pokemon rewards for “a profs work is never done” is gonna be Mewtwo.
The shadow pokemon rewards for “Straight to Victory” are going to be Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres as a quest reward after each of the rocket executives defeat in step 3. Mewtwo as an encounter after beating Giovanni, just because thats the rotation this month. If you wait untill it switches again you could get something different.
And then AFTER youve done “a profs work is never done” you get the current months rocket questline. If you finish it youll get Shadow Mewtwo, if you wait till the rotation switches you will get whatever comes after.

Personally i took a second shot at shadow mewtwo just cause i can. The one i maxed from GOFest was a pretty good one already, the 2nd one i just got wasnt great. Ill save this months research for whenever i might need 2 shots at something interesting like a shadow Kyogre and the first encounter is bad. If you already have 1 good shadow Mewtwo and you have to option to save for a later time, id recommend doing that.

Thanks for the breakdown. I ran into Sierra tonight and dispatched her team (Drowsee, Sharpedo, and Alakazam) pretty easily with three Rhyperiors (Smack Down / Rock Wrecker) on my alt, and the same but with a Conkeldurr in the middle on my main. The reward was a decent Zapdos.

Tried to improvise my own faceoff with Giovanni and got my butt kicked. But following the guidance in DrKendo’s video on YouTube, I formed the best imitation of his team and followed his technique, which won the shadow mewtwo. Thanks for the tips I could glean from your comments, too.