Which team are you

  • Valor
  • Instinct
  • Mystic

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I am surprised of the amount of Instinct players and the lack of Valour players, in my area, here is approximate ratio for ten people at a raid:
M:I:V 5:1:4

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Same here, I’m usually the only Instinct whenever I’m raiding, however a large number of the new players in our area seem to be choosing instinct so that may change soon!

The poll looking like how it really be.

Woohoo Mystic!!!

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Yay Valor! Glad too see my teamates, especially Yoshi! Lol.

A lot more Valor players in my town than Mystic. But so many Mystic players in the town I work at, it is hard to find an open spot in a gym to put monsters.

Me too. In Alaska everyone is Blue and I was one of the only mustard guys there. Seriously being Instinct AND Alaskan is Ultimate hard mode challenge. So glad to be in lower 48 again. Like just seeing a wild Ponyta was blowing my mind lulz

For me if there’s a raid with 20 people on average it’s

Team Instinct is very outnumbered here too. But at least they try hard. One of my gyms that I have a gold badge at, I let it stay yellow because the other player lives right next to it and it is a waste of potions to try and fight it just to get knocked back out in 5 minutes.