Which Ralts should I evolve?


I have finally enough candy to evolve my Ralts into Gardevoir, but I don’t know whick Ralts.

  • 262 CP 73% Ralts
  • 257 CP 82% Ralts
  • 234 CP 84% Ralts
  • 233 CP 85% Ralts
  • 143 CP 100% Ralts

It will take a lot of candy and stardust to power up my 100%. Is it worth it?

Who can help me?

I was gonna say the 100%, but Ralts doesnt have a 143CP 100% version so i think you might want to recheck those IV’s.

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I checked again, he is 100%.
Maybe because I power him up once or twice…

Can you send me screenshot?

What level are you


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Simply amazing
HP strongest
impressed with it’s attack
impressed with it’s defense
blown away by it’s stats. WOW

I still dont have any 100iv

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I would personally pick the 100% one although at this point I recommend you consider waiting to see what Pokémon they decide to do for the September and October community days.


Thank you!
Would you choose the 100%?
Or evolve the 82% or 84% with higher CP?

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Always 100iv

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Ah, level 11,5. That explains it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i also would go for the 100%. Its alot of stardust, but with the Eevee CD 6 hours extra dust and japan rewards extra stardust for 7 days coming up, i think you should go for it.


I guess you more need to worry about ralts candy…

Personally, I’d wait. You can always evolve it when you want, but maybe you find an other interesting Ralts to evolve…

And if any of those are male, don’t evolve them yet! Save them for Gen4 Gallade.


Evolve me please​:joy::joy:

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Evolve 85% and save the 100 for CD. Evolving @Kevin260709 is also a good choice!


Lol :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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