Which raid boss do you miss the most since Kanto event ended?

It looks like Kanto event has ended, I saw a level 1 Drowsee raid, there will be new raid bosses coming up, which of the raid bosses in Kanto event do you miss the most?

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Well I guess I missed Dratini but I also did two Charmander raids during this month.

Lots of raids!!!

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Idk prob groudon (he was in that event right?)

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Can’t find them in my area anymore since weather was introduced into the game. All the small creeks, waterways and wetlands in my area used to get quite a few randoms. A couple of spots it was easy enough to get 1-2 a week as they were alway coming up in the sightings.
When our local Map still worked and it was Windy we got 0 Dratini so it wasn’t just weather related.


No, Groudon was not in Kanto event

Yes, definitely Dratini, and I miss Scyther too.


Im really glad they all are gone now. Im happy they brought back claydol so now I have another chance to solo it, however I really would appreciate if they do another rotation any time soon, well at least in T3

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Just Dratini
Never did any Scyther
But could have used the candy
Still no Scizor

I was glad that Dratini was a tier 1 boss


I only use the free raid passes, so I don’t normally raid unless it’s a Legendary. The last non-legendary raids I did were Aloalan Raichu and Marowak back in August.

Marowak is still here…
I saw one yesterday.

Alolan Raichu and Alolan Marowak are back to give players more chances to catch these raid-exclusive non-legendary Pokémon.

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I saw Alolan Raichu when I made above post this morning.