Which power up first?

Hi guys i have these two good pokemons, jolteon (ThunderShock/Discharge) have 98% IV and golem (Rock Throw/Earthquake) 86%. I don’t care if jolteon has bad moves, i will change it with charged TM. I need some tips… which of them power up first? I’m level 29

Since the Jolteon has such good IVs I would do it first. It can be your primary attacker against water types.

I would power up the Jolteon. With Super Effective damage against Gyrados and Vaporeon, you will get more benefit when battling them in the Gyms

Ok thanks to all :slight_smile:

In this situation Jolteon has to be a clear winner to power up.

tbh I wouldn’t even power up golem ever, I mean, I would delete it, but that’s just me maybe…