Which pokemon should I evolve/power up first?

I made this for people who cannot decide which pokemon to power up or evolve first. My first one is: should I evolve my higher cp swablu or my lower cp shiny swablu, post your thoughts down below!


The shiny one :crazy_face:

Or forever keep the shiny as a ‚Äútrophy‚ÄĚ and evolve the higher CP for battling.


I would say evolve both, but power up none

Altaria sucks in battle so unless you really love how shiny Swablu look like (more than how shiny Altaria does) I say evolve the shiny

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Now a hard one:
13-15-15 Shiny

Should I trade some firepower and beating TTar in CP for a bit of bulk and better look?
3847 max CP respectively

No trade for me. A Shiny would leave me only, if I have another better Shiny. And a non-shiny 15-14-14… can’t imagine that something like this has to go only for making room. Shurely I would find another better candidate.

I wont transfer either of these, just asking which should I power up

For this sentence I understand it as trading…
Well, in case of powering up I would use the 15-14-14, but only irracional reasons, the difference in max CP willnot make any effect in their use