Which Pokémon do you wish you had?

I wish I had Pikachu, as he was my favourite when I used to watch Pokémon on TV with my two boys when they were very young. P.S If I get Pikachu, wearing Ash’s hat, I will be overjoyed.

@Pat are you talking in the game or I real life?

@Thorend. In Pokémon Go. If I had known about when you catch your first Pokémon, that you have to keep moving out of range, and not catching any a few times, and Pikachu would appear, I’d have him now. I hoped I would get one in an egg, but no. I really wish I had one.:disappointed:

It’s a fairly common Pokémon and Niantic does lots of special events where they give picachu hat and increase spawns. You’ll get one soon enough :grinning:

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@Thorend, oh that’s good news. Thanks. :grinning:

I wish I had Blissey…I’ve never hatched a Chansey before and only caught 2 wild and they were both terrible lol

@DarJ30 - Hope you get one someday, they are awesome gym defenders aren’t they. If I think about taking on a gym and I see one, I don’t even attempt it!
I would also like a Red Gyarados, as they look so impressively fierce, but as I only have just over 100 Magikarp candies, and haven’t even seen a gold one, I won’t be acquiring one anytime soon.

Hey, I have lot more, and I have a Gyarados, but none of them was gold, and so the Gyarados is just blue… it’s a problem of luck. Maybe some day I will find one… no problem so far

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Dragonite = life

The regionals, they need to do proper tours not selective cities :slight_smile:

Dragonite and Snorlax for me! I would add Gyarados but I’m only 6 candies away!

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