Which Onix should I evolve..... IF EITHER AT ALL?

Ok so I have these two Onix.

Shiny, 607CP, 1 star.
Regular, 178CP, 3 star.

Your super duper advice is needed! Are either of them worth evolving?

(Won’t let me upload the screen shots!)

Thanks all!

Steelix is trash in raids so evolve whichever looks better to you

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Ah good advice thank you! Seems Each Onix I pick up has really low CP. regardless of IV :expressionless:

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If you find an Onix at a rather low level with no/very low Attack and high HP/Defense, it might be good in PvP so you can keep it till you (if ever) you start PvP battlimg


Awesome thanks bro! I decided to evolve the low IV but higher CP shiny. To be fair, a crappy gold Steelix still looks quite good! Haha!

Thanks again bro


No problem, glad I could help

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