Which one First or not bother

So hello guys

I have a 96% espon and a 96%alakazam both on level 20, i am level 32 so to power them up it I will cost about 120k in dust would like to know want other people would doing g in this new raid and battle world.

Alakazam because it has the much better moveset


I agree with the other post, Alakazam because of its moveset no question

Same here, Alakazam is better to do first. However, you should definitely consider using a charge TM on the Espeon and then powering that up also.

Btw, for base stats Espeon has roughly 4% less attack, same defence and 6% more stamina than Alakazam - making Alakazam a slightly better glass cannon as well.


Ok thank you, so will Espeon do move damage before he dies in battle overall if he last longer.
Would you still do alakaxam if Espeon had his moves

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Alakazam wins simply because he’s a raid arsenal must have. Imma make a top 10 list soon. He’s in the five I believe.

Espeon would last longer, so that would mean more damage

You want to power one up to level 30. You could do both but it would cost 150k dust and 66 of each candy. Esoeon first then charge tm asap. Then alakazam if u want to do both. You want to fast tm alakazam for confusion.