Which of the Deoxys forms looks the best?

  • Normal
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Speed

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Speed looks so sleek, attack looks eh, defense is like, hmmm… so he just looks like a tank, and normal is like, there are better ones.


@Pokemon, what do you think?

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It has to be attack because that’s the only stat that really matters in this gane. Curios to do what they will do with speed form.

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Attack doesn’t look as good though.

What do you think its good?

Question mark?

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Do you know the stats

Maybe speed will attack and dodge very fast.

@PhilosophyLady and the others, why speed?
@Brobraam @Gary_oak @Kevin260709 @Ryan21 @alex9945 @DJNalu

It just looks good.


In the game, I do believe that some Pokemon dodge faster than others. Or, it’s speed will add onto stamina, since there isn’t one.

? You like the stats?

I prefer its look over the other forms

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I meant what @Brobraam said.