Which mewtwo to power up first?

I have 2 very good mewtwo’s and I don’t know which one I should power up. (I will power both, just don’t know which one first as I will only focus on one for now.

  1. 96% 13/15/15

  2. 91% 15/11/15


Doesn’t matter I always got tm

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96 1st

If you have a pass for tomorow, I would wait
Otherwise, 91%


Sorry yes because attack best not look that I do mine Ho attack Defense

I got one just like it! 15 Atk beats anything else for a Legendary.

I would also say power the 91%


The 91%

15 attack one. ATK is the priority stat for legends. Defense is Lower on the second one but legends can’t go in gyms anyway, so it boils down to 15 ATK vs 13 ATK. Also Mewtwo is an OP attacker anyway.


91% due to every else’s reasons. 15 atk on mewtwo is what everyone’s aiming for. I would even power up a 15/10/10 before 13 solely due to mewtwos raw damage output.
Lower defence is better too, since with lower defence, your charge bar increases faster.

The stuff about defense affecting how fast your charge move isn’t true

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Alright, thanks everyone! I will power the 91 then the 96! The topic can be closed now.


That’s your cue @JoshHack or @Thorend

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