Which Legendary Pokemon is your Favorite and Why?

My favorite Legendary Pokemon is probably Mewtwo because he looks pretty neat, and he is strong!!!

Raikou is my fav. Best because he is most powerful polemic against rock water and grass type also. He look like tiger.

Rock and grass? He’s a pure electric type so super effective against water and flying types. Rock if he has iron tail and grass if he has any fire moves

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Zapdos, because it’s my team’s boss bird.

Zekrom, need to say anything? Insanely strong, cool design…

Articuno, actually, and not because I’m on Mystic (it’s the other way around, actually). Been a fan of it since Red and Blue, when you saw it’s majestic figure on the binoculars.

Honorable mentions go to Reshiram, Xerneas and Solgaleo.

Groudon as Have 1 from 1 first catch 100 iv mud shot earthquake