Which Gen did you start with

Where did your adventure begin?

  • Gen 1
  • Gen 2
  • Gen 3
  • Gen 4
  • Gen 5
  • Gen 6
  • Gen 7

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I have played Pokemon red. That was the start of my journey. My parents introduced me to Pokemon in 2009 or so. Later I played Pokemon gold. Then sapphire, then firered. Then I have got a 2ds from my parents, so then I started my adventure on Pokemon x, later Pokemon alpha sapphire. Then I replayed my Pokemon firered. Pokemon sun. Later I started Pokemon soulsilver, and Pokemon platinum. Last year I have bought ultramoon. When the virtual console for Pokemon Crystal released, I have bought it and played it. Last month I started replaying my sapphire so I could catch regigigas in platinum.

The games I still play at the moment are Pokemon crystal, alpha sapphire (since I like to shiny hunt), platinum and sometimes ultra moon.

Gen 1

I initially started on Gen3, but since i only ever watched the Gen1 anime i do like Kanto more

Gen 1 all the way

I got omega ruby it was the best game I got volcanion!


Played ruby not not omega ones

Oh omega ruby was best for game ever.

Im a kid so i started with alpha saphire(gen 3)

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Naw FF 8 was the best game ever but this is not the place for that it was fire red for me

In Alpha Sapphire i got the Shiny charm! I completed the entire pokedex. 731/731

Nice that’s pretty good.

ENTIRE pokedex
That sounds like impossible lol

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You have to Wonder Trade for years. I traded a level 1 zigzagoon for a level 100 Volcanion through wonder trade :joy:

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Black 2, best game yet

Then there is a 9/10 chance that Volcanion was cheated, i got a 6iv lvl 100 best move knowing shiny shaymin…

I have three of the original event volcanions (Helen OT)

Not that it matters

I used to do an insane amount of wonder trades (upwards of 5000) on Pokemon Moon. The main thing I found out from doing that was how many level 100 shinies are out there. But Volcanion is rare. I did get 3 regular shinies also when playing. A smeargle, staryu and something else (i cant remember lol)

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Mine started in 1997, with red and blue. I’ve gotten every single core game since then. Also I’ve completed the Pokédex in heartgold, omega ruby and almost complete on the ultra moon dex.