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Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?

I think we can look at Giratina and Deoxys at how they’re going to handle Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. They will likely be separate releases in raids and will likely have differing movesets to compliment them. For instance, Black Kyurem could have an Electric-type Charge Move along with an Ice-type and Dragon-type Charge Move in its movepool, while White Kyurem could have a Fire-type Charge Move alongside the Ice-type and Dragon-type Charge Moves.

Because of this, it looks like Gen 5 may have the longest release schedule of all the generations since they already have 9 Legendaries, and four of them have alternate forms. It’s possible that while we’re still over half-way through Gen 5’s Legendary release schedule that Gen 6 will be released. Gen 6 has very few Legendaries (only 3) so it may help balance it out.

EDIT: We talked about Conkeldurr’s moveset, and I had initially dismissed it learning Counter. I just learned that it can learn it through breeding in the core games. To my knowledge, Niantic has never gleaned from the Breeding movepool to get its moves. I’ll have to investigate each Pokemon and its moves in GO and compare it to the movepool from the core games to see. Might take a while.

EDIT2: GOT A HIT!! Pidgeot learns Brave Bird in Pokemon GO. In the core games, it can only get that through breeding in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! That’s enough for me! Niantic does in fact consider the breeding move pool for its moves. That means Counter is back on the table for Conkeldurr! I wish I could edit the original post to reflect that, but this changes everything! Even if Conkeldurr learned Low Kick instead of Counter, it’s still quite good as a rival to Machamp. If Conkeldurr learns Counter, it will easily surpass Machamp!

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Kyurem is going to be busted, higher CP than Slaking but no Truant, access to Dragon Claw and Outrage…

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I didn’t consider the Legendaries in this presentation due to their tendency to get a 9% nerf to their stats before release.

Emolga (for the great league)
Emboar (I think it gonna be a half decent Fire Attacker, and possibly a good fighting type) (also, why does it learn Scald?)
Zekrom (please let it learn Bolt Strike)
Krookodile (maybe a good dark moveset?)
Zourark (it’s cool but idk how its gonna work)

Even after the nerf tho
Reshiram can become best fire type with good moves, Zekrom becomes second only to both Thundurus formes, Landorus becomes top ground Mon if he gets EP, and Kyurem-BW becomes the single best generalist in the game

True enough. I always reserve my analyses of Pokemon comparisons when a nerf is a strong possibility. That being said, we can definitely agree that those Pokemon are going to rock.

I’m holding out on hoping that Kyurem will learn a Fast Ice-type move–I couldn’t find one in my analyses in the Legendaries of Unova topic–but with them just chugging out moves lately, that can change at any time. It should prove to be a wicked Ice-type attacker as well.

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Doesnt need it, it beats ground or flying dragons with just Ice Beam and Dragon Tail

It’s more than just Dragon-types I’m thinking of. I use Ice-types a lot against Flying and Ground types, and while Kyurem would do amazing still against the likes of Zapdos, Thundurus, Tornadus, Landorus and Groudon with that moveset, it would do even more with a double Ice-type moveset.

If it doesn’t get a Fast Ice-type move, it’s not going to bug me. I mean, my Palkia is doing great with Dragon Tail and a double Charge moveset of Draco Meteor and Hydro Pump, so I know how capable Kyurem will be with something similar like Dragon Tail and Ice Beam or Blizzard.

There is Glaciate as an option, but that’s exclusive to normal-Forme Kyurem, so it may not show up at all in Black Kyurem’s or White Kyurem’s movesets. Also, I can’t assume it will be used as a move at all since it’s exclusive to Kyurem. Only Jirachi has gotten a move that is exclusive to it so far.

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Dont forget Metagross and Deoxys

Clefable learns Meteor Mash as well, but yeah, good point on Deoxys.

I know she learns it, but she never uses it lol, I just usually consider it a sort of semi-signature move
Shame that Hydreigon will be the first pseudo to get messed up in GO, and its only getting worse from this point onwards

I’m expecting the CP rework to apply to it in the coming months as Gen 5 inches closer, which should help. It helped Garchomp a lot, so expect a boost in HP and Defense which should really help it out given it has great Attack already.

If I knew more how to calculate the adjusted values and get the CP from that with confidence, I could determine what it’s CP more likely really is than what this says.

Gamepress has all the adjusted values

I had to really scour GamePress to find it–it would have been nice of you to provide a link to somewhere in GamePress that had them listed–but this is very helpful.

For those curious, I found them here, but they’re in reverse Pokedex order: https://pokemongo.gamepress.gg/max-cp

In the right order, but its missing Thundurus-T, which has stats in their Top 10 Gen 5 Pokemon for raiding article

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It will be fun for me. I don’t know any Gen 5 Pokémon and I don’t think my son has any games from it either.


I know all of the 809+ Mons but I think it’ll still be exciting to see all the familiar faces and get some beasts

The movesets for Pokemon have been revealed and we have some new meta-shakers…and some flops.

The Meta-shakers (includes new kings and new runner-ups):

  • Meloetta (both formes): New King of the Normal-types with Quick Attack and Hyper Beam
  • Conkeldurr: New King of the Fighting-types with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Chandelure: Second in DPS to Gengar with much higher TDO against Psychic-types. Third in Fire-type attack as well
  • Zoroark: Second overall DPS in Dark-type attack but with low TDO.
  • Hydreigon: Fifth overall in DPS in Dark-type attack, but second overall in TDO.
  • Volcarona: New king of the Bug-types in every category (requires 400 Candy to evolve as a note). Fifth in Fire-type attack even with ideal moveset.
  • Genesect: Second to Volcarona, which is fairly impressive. Replaces Scizor. Fourth in Steel-type attack.
  • Zekrom: New king of the Electric-types by far.
  • Landorus (both formes): King of the Ground-types. Ideal Moveset all around, beats out Groudon AND Excadrill. Groudon still have slightly higher TDO.
  • Excadrill: Second only to Landorus, but much weaker TDO. Third in Steel-type attack to MM-Metagross and Dialga.
  • Terrakion: While still outpaced by Rampardos, its bulk makes it a great solid second place.
  • Reshiram: King of the Fire-types in all categories! Doesn’t even place in Dragon-types though
  • Black Kyurem: New king of the Dragon-types! Has the DPS and TDO!!

The biggest flops:

  • Tornadus (both formes): Moveset hinders it from placing high in Flying types. Beat out by Unfezant.
  • Thundurus (both formes): Lack of Wild Charge or Thunderbolt sunk Thundurus. Surpassed Zapdos, but Raikou beats it.
  • Archeops: Royally screwed! No double Rock or Flying movesets at all.
  • Krookodile: Despite having better than expected movesets, there are too many better options in both typings.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gigalith: Bulky Rock Slide user
  • Darmanitan: Fourth in Fire-type DPS, but a glass cannon
  • Haxorus: Sixth overall Dragon-type attacker, has too much stiff competition

The biggest shake-up has interestingly enough been in the Fire-types, as FOUR Unova Pokemon took over the top 5.


Archeops is my favorite fossil. I had high hopes for it. :frowning: