Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?

I know it’s still a long ways away, but I began to realize that Gen 5 offers a lot of Pokemon that could potentially shake up the current meta, if you will. If not, then they could make good backups to the current meta, which is something I always like to see. I got my ideas for the movesets from gleaning Bulbapedia pages, since it seems that Niantic does the same for their move selections.

I’ll start with some I can see to be solid assets.

Gigilith, a pure Rock-type that I can easily see replacing Golem as the token Rock-type fallback. It doesn’t have the double weakness to Grass or Water that Golem and Rhyperior have, so it could have some real solid TDO. While its stats are relatively unknown because of the CP rework, it does look like it will have some solid Attack stat of 226. It would be amazing if it would know Smack Down and Rock Slide since it can learn those naturally, but odds are it will have Stone Edge. If it knows Rock Slide, watch out.

Excadrill, a Ground/Steel type that’s known to be fast and deadly. Quite possibly the Weavile of Gen 5, this Pokemon is probably the one I’m looking forward to the most. With eight resistances and two immunities, this Pokemon could really wreck its opponents whether it’s a Steel-type or a Ground-type attacker. What could hamper it is the moveset, as from what I’ve seen, the moveset will be limited to Mud-Slap and Earthquake for Ground, and only Metal Claw and Iron Head for Steel. If it gets these, it will be its Attack stat of 255 that could make the difference.

Conkeldurr, a pure Fighting-type Pokemon, is the next one in line to challenge Machamp’s undisputed place at the top. With an Attack stat of 243, it already surpasses Machamp, and potentially learning Low Kick and Dynamic Punch naturally in the games, it could finally dethrone Machamp as the king of the fighters. Since Speed isn’t so much a factor in this game, we could finally see Machamp meet his match.

Krookodile, a Ground/Dark type Pokemon, is a good all-around Pokemon that could be a great backup to Ground-types, but a frontrunner for Dark-types. While it could be saddled with Mud-Slap and Earthquake, a Dark-type pairing of Snarl or Bite with Dark Pulse could be amazing, although it could also learn Crunch. It’s Dark-type movepool is vast, so time will tell how this will play out.

Darmanitan, a pure Fire-type Pokemon, could be a solid challenger in the Fire-type rankings. With an Attack stat of 263, it could be the glass cannon of the Fire-types. What could hold it back is its Defense. While it could be improved thanks to the CP rework, it may not lift it above Moltres and Entei. It’s moveset may be the deciding factor as it only has Fire Fang as a fast option, but it can definitely know Overheat, with Fire Blast and Fire Punch as alternative options. If it can know Overheat, we have a solid contender on our hands.

Archeops, a Rock/Flying type Pokemon infamously associated with the Defeatist ability, is one of the hardest hitting Pokemon in the game. Boasting an attack stat of 292, this Pokemon could be useful as a Flying-type Attacker and as a Rock-type Attacker. Learning Rock Throw and Rock Slide naturally in the core games, this could potentially beat Rampardos, while having a little more survive-ability. As for Flying-types, it could learn Wing Attack and Aerial Ace, making it rival Rayquaza as the Flying-type attacker. This one could be absolutely amazing.

Chandelure, a Ghost/Fire type Pokemon, is another big contender for the Fire-type crown, but also has its eyes on Gengar’s spot as the king of the Ghost-types. With an Attack stat of 271, it will roast or spook anything in its way. Potentially knowing Hex and Shadow Ball for its Ghost-type moveset, and Ember and Overheat for its Fire-type moveset, it will likely be more useful as a Ghost-type attacker, but won’t slouch in whatever role its assigned. It could be hampered by its HP stat, but the CP rework will fix that.

Hydreigon, a Dark/Dragon type could be a major player in either Dark-type or Dragon-type crowd. Boasting an attack stat of 256, it will definitely work against any opponent chose. While it’s likely to know Bite and Crunch, it could also learn Dark Pulse. Paired with Dragon Breath, it could learn Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor or Outrage, so its usefulness will ultimately be decided on the moveset.

Volcarona, a Bug/Fire type Pokemon that could decide the Bug-type crown once and for all. Potentially learning Bug Bite and Bug Buzz, it will be the Bug-type king for the rest of the foreseeable future should this pairing happen, and there aren’t many options otherwise, so that seems likely. As a Fire-type, it can learn Fire Spin and Overheat, so it could do serious damage in that front as well. These movesets paired with an Attack stat of 264, along with respectably balanced Defense and HP stats that could only improve with the CP rework application, this one will be the king.

I think we will stop here, but I found various other likely budget-friendly Pokemon like Vanilluxe, Beartic, Reuniclus, Escavalier, Haxorus, Mienshao, Bisharp and Golurk to be respectable, but likely not beat these contenders due to uncertain movesets. There are also the Legendaries, but I’m even less certain about their movesets so I’m limiting this to the big ones of Gen 5.

What are your thoughts? What are you looking forward to for Gen 5?


I have ZERO knowledge of GEN 5 (had zero about GEN 4 aswell btw) so im not looking forward to anything yet. Best i can do is sort on CP and see if the stats are ok.

GEN 4 was also expected to shake up the Meta, but Niantic gave alot of pokemon bad movesets so they became less good or even worthless compared to gen 1/2/3 pokemon.
I really hope that doesnt happen…

I’m still trying to learn Gen 4.


I do not know any Gen 5 Pokémon yet.


In many cases it did finally shake up a lot, but I knew enough about the potential movesets that I knew that it wouldn’t shake up the ones many people expected.

We did get a really good Electric type, and we got two good Ice-types (one arriving hopefully soon). Even Grass is going to get some challengers when it comes out, and Groudon will finally be challenged with Garchomp. Weavile is great as an Ice-type or a Dark-type.

Many people were simply disappointed that Machamp didn’t get a solid challenger, but I knew that would be the case, and not until Gen 5 could that happen. A lot of people set themselves up for disappointment because they assumed so many Pokemon will have this move despite it being unable to learn it in the games.

It’s because of that is why I look at the movesets so I can make an educated guess on what could be, which is why the moves I listed in the above Pokemon are what I consider to be viable since they can actually learn those moves in the core games.

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Fire types are going to put Moltres to shame
Thundurus and Zekrom are beating Raikou
Conkeldurr and Superpower could finally dethrone Machamp
And Drill Run Excadrill? Yes please
Not to mention Keldeo/Terrakion

Forgot Conk learns Dynamic Punch
Also, forget Aerial Ace on Archeops, that thing learns Sky Attack

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I saw that, but Sky Attack was a tutored option, and Niantic often won’t touch those unless it feels like it has no choice.

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Im still hoping Ho-oh is gonna get its raid day and its greatly needed FIRE fast attack.

He will

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Not gonna save him from Chandelure, Reshiram and Darmanitan
Or Moltres for that matter, Ho-oh still only has Fire Blast
Heatran beats him too

Very doubtful since I have studied Ho-Oh’s core-game movepool up and down, and it cannot learn ANY Fire-type fast move. The same goes for Flying. The only chance Ho-Oh has is if it gains moves when Gen 8 comes out, as the moves may be added or removed depending on Game Freak’s whims.

Incinerate is a GEN5 fire move thats not in the game yet that Ho-oh can learn. If they turned that into a fast attack it could maybe work.
But having to wait that long would suck though…

I guess my Shiny fire bird wont ever get what he deserves so much :disappointed:

Not enough to make Ho-oh work, sadly

Ho-Oh can no longer learn Incinerate as of Gen 7, and that’s where Niantic seems to be getting their moves from: the current move pool provided by Game Freak, so I doubt it will happen. If anything, Ho-Oh will likely have Sky Attack as an exclusive move option.

If Gust was a Flying-type move available, it could at least be a Flying-type attacker, but Brave Bird should be swapped for Sky Attack.

Incinerate would be welcome in Gen 5 though, as so many Pokemon do learn it from Gen 5, like Darmanitan, and it would definitely do better than it does in the games.



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Excadrill and chandelure

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Gigalith is my favorite Pokemon in this gen and I’m also looking forward to Excadrill, Samurott, and Archeops the most.

Others (design-wise, mostly):
















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Has anybody ran simulations of MS Drill Run Excadrill?

Oh yeah, there is no shortage of well-designed Pokemon in Unova.

Another part I’m looking forward to in the Gen 5 release is that there are 151 Pokemon total in that region, although 138 are non-Legendary, and there are no Pokemon that have previous evolutions–that’s mainly done after Gen 4. If they do the wave system, we should see much larger waves, probably averaging 30-40 each.

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