Which battles should i do?

So i can usually beat most pokemon under 2000CP and complete pink egg raids
I am currently level 19, nearly at 20.

Here are my pokemon

What is the max CP i can beat? AS i dont want to end up fighting mon that are too powerful

Is this one doable ?

Only if you are with lots of people. Otherwise: No.

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Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

But it’s really worth it to find people who want to raid it.

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Would i be able to beat these two ?

Just did it. Took a lot of my Pokemon out though :frowning:

The difference is, attacking a Gym you can nearly defeat everybody, only you have to pay the price… using revives and potions to heal your mon’s

But in the fighting in Egg-Raids it’s different. There’s a limit where you have NO chance, if there are not other players to help you. The Raids with black eggs, for example, can’t be played by one person solo, doesn’t matter how feary are his mon’s.

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Fair enough, shall i just stick to pink ones then ?

I do everyday pinks, because I don’t know other players in the area. When you push your level a little bit more, I think there are Yellow eggs you can raid solo. But allways it will be with more fun if you find two or three other players and you do in group. After the fight everybody has the chance to take home the trophy, and talking with them about their experience is funny as well.

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Same here.

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How is this a pink one ? I stand no chance

If you read a little bit in GoHub you find an article about Sableye. In between it says the following:

Sableye is a dual dark ghost typed Pokémon. Sableye is a glass cannon with a few good movesets (Shadow Claw/Foul Play).
Sableye is only weak to fairy attacks.

So you have to put together a good fighting team against this type of mon. And good means here not necesarily High CP, but mons which are good against dark and good against ghost types.

And another thing is that the solo-raids are won by players with level 20 ore more, so you are in the limit.

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