Where's Wally? I mean Spark

I was just wondering where Spark has gone when I go to Pokemon appraisal system. Instead of him I have the leader of Team Valor. I think this could be a glitch from the behind the scenes testing of a possible team change option coming soon. What do you think? And has this happened to you?

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It’s a bug:

Well, I don’t know about whom you are talking, but my Guy has Yellow rope and I’m of the Yellow Team…

Valor has formally taken over team instinct. Effective immediately, all instinct trainers are now Valor affiliates. Thank you for your continued cooperation, and may we make the world Red again. Seig Heil!

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Buuuuuh, I’m german, and I don’t like this part of the humor.
Let the political part outside of this Web, we will be all happier.
I’m yellow, I will defend my colours, but I will never attack in bad manour the other colors…

Dude, it was just a joke LOL. I encourage friendly competition between teams, not hate! Sorry if you took it personally.

Nooo, personally never, but I just don’t like it… :smiley_cat:

I would welcome this…the two teams combined might actually be able to challenge blue’s dominance in my area…but our legendary is way cooler than yours

Hahahha, your right, maybe two teams would be better from the beginning, but
really I like to be in the minority. YELLOW TO THE FRONT

You should see my town. All red. I don’t even mess with them and let them all stagnate so they never collect any coins. The few gyms I do interact with everyday day change hands quite often. Since Niantic implemented the change, I haven’t failed to collect 50 coins. Just sucks it takes me 3 days to get an egg incubator now. My daughter got an iPod touch and her account only works on wifi. Signed on to her account last night and got her up to Level 8 and put her in a few gyms. She was very excited to find 197 Pokeballs in her bag this morning. When she went to sleep last night she had zero.