Where to find Farfetch'd in Japan

I’m in Japan now and having difficulty finding Farfetch’d. Where are some good places to find it? I’m traveling around Tokyo. Is there any known biomes it resides in?

Apparently Farfetched is supposed to be the most elusive regional exclusive, alongside Corsola. The only advice I can give you is to either try going to a lure spot and hoping, or to go on a local tracker.

Yep you right. As I’m a HongKonger, I could tell Farfetch’d is a rare Pokemon. It spawns randomly so that you’re not able to find any nests. Just be patient on finding Farfetch’d and you’ll eventually get one. Solved @Thorend you may close this topic.

@Yoshi maybe let some more people help them find Farfetch’d before telling the mods to close the topic, it’s only been open for 2hrs.

Hello @mrtea,

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Tokyo!

Take a look at my published guide on playing Pokemon Go in Tokyo: https://pokemongohub.net/user-guides/tourists-guide-pokemon-go-tokyo/

While I was in Japan, I happened to find Farfetch’d in local parks but also at major modern tourist sites.

If you’re looking for a large park, I recommend Ueno Park. It is easily accessible from JR Ueno Station.
If you’re looking for a largely developed tourist area, I suggest heading to the Odaiba district. It’s full of Pokestops and it’s also surrounded by water, which is where you’re more likely to find Farfetch’d (at least from what I found).

Hope this helps!


Thanks for writing the very informative article! :smiley: I’ll definitely check out Ueno Park, sounds like a good place to find Farfetch’d

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Try Tokyo stadium. I found a few around there

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Well, seems like I could catch Farfetch’d back home if this global challenge is completed (doesn’t feel the same though)

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The irony is real! I hope you didn’t go to Japan just for Farfetch’d! :joy:

Best of luck in all your hunting.

Nah, I quite like the food and culture as well, I think I may have overhyped myself for it haha.

To add to the irony, I managed to find a Farfetch’d on the same day as the event announcement :joy:

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So I can see an image I hopefully will have this afternoon on my screen…

Your Farfetch’d is stronger.


No need to go searching now though. Farfetch’d are everywhere :crazy_face:

I’ve only seen 1 or 2 tauros since Christmas, and those are harder to find?! Oh boy…

You’re not really in Japan the best time, now that Farfetch’d is spawning worldwide :sweat_smile:

Grab as many kangaskhans as possible whilst you’re there - a kangaskhan from Japan will be something extremely valuable on trades

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If trading ever actually comes out

Well, april last year I went to Florida for 2 weeks and I found only 3 heracross and 3 corsola, even though Disney world was full of other rare spawns (2 Snorlax). O think you could expect the Same I guess around there