Where Do You Think Each Legendary Beast is moving to next?

I think that from September 30th to October 30th Suicune is going to be in the Americas, while Raikou moves to Europe and Africa. Then Entei moves to Asia and Oceania. It would benefit some Pokemon Go players, but not all of them. Raikou would be super effective against Suicune if it goes to the Americas. Suicune would be super against Entei. Entei would not have any additional effect on Raikou though.

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I’m going to guess Americas will get Entei next and Asia-Pacific will get Raikou. Just a hunch though.

I think the Americas will get Suicun because I think they will rotate from right to left.

I agree with ElectroBlade…

The Americas will get Entei next as it is the next one for them in Pokedex order. As Niantic HQ is in the USA this reasoning makes sense.

I think the Dogs will move to the West: Entei will go to the US, Suicune will come to Europe and Raikou will go to Austrasia / Asia.

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I’m with you on this. They migrate to the west

I think they will go west as it will be going in the Dex order for America because Niantic’s HQ is there

I’ve been thinking about it and I think Entei is next for North America, because it wouldn’t make sense for Niantic to give us Suicune just yet, when Raikou, the legendary we’ve been catching for a month, could obliterate Suicune with type advantage alone (not even taking into account it’s high Attack stats). I think they’ll make sure no one region has a legendary beast that can easily defeat the next until the third rotation. So the Americas will get Entei next, Europe and Africa will get Suicune, and Raikou will be sent to Asia and Australia.

I’m not sure your logic holds @Titanicus we will already have Riakou regardless of when we get Suicuine. I can’t speculate either way and I’m using the event to get ready for both.

Legendaries have rotated West! :smiley: