Where are the regional-7km eggs?

Yeah, I know they’re from friend gifts. But I’ve been careful to get only 7km eggs since they were introduced, getting more eggs as soon as I hatch any, and incubating them as soon as I get 'em (hatched 5 more last evening). So far every 7km egg I’ve hatched has produced yet another alolan.

Has the ‘ultra event’ featuring the regional eggs officially ended, yet? If not, then how much longer are we supposed to be getting eggs for regionals in gifts? At this rate the only way I’ll ever get a Mr. Mime is via trade.

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About 1 day, 1 hour and 30 minutes left.
The chance of getting them is pretty small but they are still here.
BTW you can still get them after the event ended. Eggs are assigned a pokemon when they enter your inventory. So old eggs may have regionals in them after the event ends.

Thanks for the info. I reckon I’ll just hope one of my local friends happens to have an extra Mr.Mime to trade.

I have one if you want to trade, since we’re both in CA

I appreciate your offer to trade, Ryan. If you’re in norcal that might be feasible.

I would love to trade! Except I can’t XD

You only have a 1/12 chance of getting a regional. I’ve done 2 a day since event started and lucked out by getting at least one of each regional.

Well I live in the Sacramento area

Cool. I think the proximity works (distance between Sacto and the Bay Area is much more realistic than norcal to socal). Most of the ‘friends’ I have in the game are spread across the planet.

I’m not sure what you might consider a fair trade for such a thing; is there something in your dex that you still lack, or some mon that you’d like another of?

The odds and your own ancdotal experience are good to know. It’s been a year since I could play more than a half hour a day on average (I used to hatch 2 or 3 a day, too; but now it’s more like 2 or 3 days per-egg…)

I know guys who hatched 9 at a time and get zero regionals. It’s all luck.

I mean I need a heracross or gen 3 regional, but if you don’t have those I’ll pretty much trade for any gen 2 or 3 min that isn’t similar to pidgey or ratatta

Does either Corsola or Heracross spawn at southern end of Texas or Florida?

Corsola spawns here in Philippines, though limited by now, I still manage to catch one this week. There were time when it was almost like a Corsola CD here, just forgot the accompanying event then.

My total drought finally ended last evening - the five 7km eggs I hatched included three regionals. Decent CP and IV, too…

Quite a relief after at least 30 hatches during the regional-egg special that produced only Alolan hatchlings.

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