When your significant other catches something better than you

Most of the time I seem to have better luck at Legendary and EX raids than my wife until today… We had Mewtwo raids at different parts of the day, mine at 1 hers at 4:30. I did mine and was happy to catch a 91% mewtwo, she did hers and then while trying to catch it asked me about the CP, I told her 2275 was perfect then she looked at me strangely then handed me the phone and said “it broke out of 3 balls can you catch it for me” so me not paying attention to the CP hits it with a perfect excellent curveball, wooga wooga wooga caught!! I hand it back to her and she starts giggling like a fool then hands me the phone… PERFECT FREAKING MEWTWO… I am calling my divorce attorney on monday!!! LOL! I am glad she got it and told her to power it up all the way that she could.

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My boyfriend started the game 3 months later than I. He even paused it in early 2017 for one/two months. I never missed my daily catch nor my daily spin since it was introduced in late 2016, nor did I ever wasted any free Raid pass.

Nevertheless, he got his level 40 before me. It was just 3 hours, though, but it gets me very hard.

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Lol my 6 year old has the most unbelievable luck with Pokémon Go, he’s got loads of shiniesa and out of a group of over 30 people was one of only 6 who caught a Rayquaza. I’m just waiting for when he gets Mew, it’ll probably be shiny with glittery paws :unamused::joy:


But only 20 people can do a raid at the same time?
And lol shiny Mew isn’t in game yet

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They split into multiple groups and I was being sarcastic about the shiny mew i.e he is so lucky he’d get a shiny with glittery paws even if they don’t exist…


Oh lol


I can say that I am way ahead of my wife in the level department, she is almost 38 and I have been 40 for a while now, but that perfect mewtwo stings!!! LOL :sweat_smile:

My wife doesn’t play but my son catches the Legendaries way more often than I do.

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