When will the other gen3 Pokémon Arrive?

In Pokémon GO,they need to bring smeargle,and more,Like spinda.Smeargle could be at easter,and spinda Cristmas?and why werent the water types we dont have from gen 3 yet not here?there were some water types events,and they didnt release the water types!But they may be released at an other event,I think next year they will release them.

What do you think?

Most of the gen threes have special items, abilities or features eg shedinja has 1hp but can only be damaged by super effective moves

“In Pokémon GO,they need to bring smeargle,and more,Like spinda.” ??? Why? Because you want it? But you don’t give an argument why they have to do it…


I’d rather prefer something like gen IV, actually, than the last gen III ones.

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And it’s fine to think this way, but asking for something, “because they have to do it”… no, that’s not correct

Smeargle is gen 2, not gen 3

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Only Gen III water types that are missing is Clampearl’s evolution line, I’m sure they’re trying to figure out how that’ll work. And do you mean Easter of next year? I think smeargle will be released random event rather then a specific time of year/holiday

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I would welcome Gen 4 a lot more tbh

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Gen III’s Unown ! has been released today. I expect ? very soon either (in Westfalenpark?) but after that I guess the next new mon we’ll see is a gen IV mon.

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But in the end, they WILL have to release all mons as the motto is Gotta catch em all.
How could you catch them all if they arent in the game?!

Ever played the games? you can’t catch them all there. Trading is a must and the other version of the same Gen is required to even catch them all. The way we have regionals is the same way they have ‘regionals’ in for example Pokemon gold and silver

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The only reason they released ! is because the unowns spawning at E3 were spelling LET’S GO!

All unown spawns are related to names. there is no reason to release ? with the current planned events.
There is a difference here in “hoping” they release it in Dortmund and “expecting” it
Unown at Dortmund will obviously spell DORTMUND, nothing else.

Edit: maybe they’ll spell WESTFALEN, or even SAFARI as last year, but i doubt it.


I know that, but you cant catch them all if they arent in the game for anyone. no one could catch them, so trading wouldnt have any effect. And in Go, it represents all regions for pokemon in game, you can’t just swap between the regions to catch different mons. IN the end they will release them
(and yes, I have played ALL the games :wink: )

It was just a thought

and a good thought, but i’m just here to crush those :smile:

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Actually, after your explanation, it wasn’t :joy::joy:

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