When To Use Great Balls?

Just figured out how to use great balls, and i have 70x them so may as well use them.
Should i only use them on high CP Pókemon and new Pokemon that i need ?


When you throw a ball to a Pokémon, you are able to see a circle. I suggest you to use a great ball when the color of the circle is orange or red.

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Abra as well evolution is good use the, the catch rate is low and good Pokémon

The flee rate is high*

Look when you go to catch Pokémon if they have stars coming off them they are re shiny use the, then what ever they are

Here’s what you do when you see a shiny:

  1. Put a Golden Razzberry on it if you have it, or otherwise a regular Razzberry if you don’t.
  2. Use the best ball you have available (the black/yellow striped one is an ultra ball, you’ll get access to them in a few levels)
  3. Throw with a curve, and make a relieved sigh when you manage to hit it in the inner circle.

On a 16 CP shiny this is almost overkill in securing your catch, but even then… It’s really rare to even encounter that goldfish.


I threw normal razz and premier ball at my 112 cp raid magikarp.
And at my wild 64 cp i just threw normal razz and normal pokeball.