When is a new field-research 7d reward expected?

After my 4th raikou, suicune, and entei I was ready for a new research-set reward. I recently got my second shedinja, and I’m already totally ready to move on. Maybe a new spinda pattern could take its place? Never mind…

Shedinja will go away and we will get new legendaries, someone tell me what they are?
Maybe Ho-Oh?

I think we might move on to the Weather Trio or Mewtwo.

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What is the weather trio?

Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre

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Oh, good, I need Kyogre!

I need Rayquaza and Groudon… and shiny Kyogre of course :grin::grin:

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I need all the shinies, which you seem to have most of…

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The only one I got out of the three was Kyogre, and it was shiny. I really want to finish the set, normal and shiny!
(I wonder, though – would that be closer to gluttony, avarice, or envy?)

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My desire for the complete set…

Never mind, though - it was a mostly-rhetorical question, and totally off-topic.

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Oh, get it now.

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The question was when. The answer is December 1.



Thanks. The cicada-husk pokemon is hardly worth busting tail to finish 2 more weeks of research tasks before the switch. I hope you’re mistaken about that; but I guess I’ll drag my feet, trying to time my next 7-day task reward for 12/1…

The rotation is monthly. Next one will be December.

Yeah. Once you have 1 for the Dex, not much need for a 2nd.

I’m guessing if it’s a legendary it’ll be the three golems, since they already did the 3 birds and the 3 beasts

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I wish I can get a Shedinja and switch it to nincanda and the other one.