When do you think the CP change will return (if at all)?

The CP change came and then disappeared again. Do you think that they will come back? If so, when? What are your opinions on this change?

I think they’ll come back in the next couple days. I think this is a good change.

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I think next year

They have already announced the rebalance. I have no doubt they will be back at some point soon once Niantic figures out how to push it without Pokémon missing HP.
My guess is we will see it happen in the next 1-3

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Maybe this thursday when the Hallloween event comes out.



If my CP 10 Club gets ruined that will be the end of collecting numbers forever for me…
I feel real sorry for my friends 666cp collection. She will be as mad as hell if that gets messed up.

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my guess is it will return once they figure out whats bests buffs and nerfs and also what @thorend said on how to increase without everyone needing to heal their pokemon.