What's your seen/caught ratio for legendaries?

Just wanted to see your records😀

My ratios are 25% success for Articuno and 33% for Lugia… I hope to improve them in the raids I’ll be attending this afternoon!!

I have 6 raids, and 2 one legendary of each.
One player I know have 1 catch 25+ successfull raids.

I’ve had my struggles with both but I’m not doing to bad.

11 of 26 on Articuno and 4 for 9 on Lugia.

1 outta 3 on Lugia (drops really low here). 3 outta 11 on Artie (spams out over here).

2 out of 2 on lugia and 1 out of 6 on articuno

I’m not buying as many raid passes as most of you guys. I have 9 premiums saved and will be saving those for moltres and zapdos. I will only use my free pass on articuno/lugia

3 for 9 vs Lugia and best IV was 80%
2 for 8 vs Articuno and best IV was 87%

2/3 Lugia :mushroom:
2/3 Articuno :snowflake:
1/2 Moltres :fire:

6/12 Lugia, best one 96%
6/13 Articuno, best one 93%
3/4 Moltres, best one 87% so far

3/9 Articuno, best one 100%
6/7 Lugia, best one 87% (and the first one seen I didn’t raid!)
2/4 Moltres, best one 82%