What's your longest Pkmn Companion

What’s the oldest Pokemon you have right now?
And if it’s your starter, what’s the second?

Caught it on the 22nd of July at my first own Lure.
It’s perfect because it is one of the ancient Pokemon.

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Mine is an evolved Eevee from the 30th of July:

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7/19/16 - First to be powered up and still one of my favorites.

My first ever evolved catch, July 10th. I didn’t even figure out it had the best moveset until months later, and it had over 80% IV’s too. This guy let me get into the gym game pretty early.

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2nd oldest is :100: IV Charizard

Decent Charzard 8/6/16

but i have better iv Charmeleon that i hope will get me a better moveset to.

My Nidoqueen that I got from my first incense :slight_smile:

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The first aerodactyl I caught on 7/17/2016 during a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium so hyped when I got this


7/17/16 it spawned right outside my apartment as soon as I hit level 20

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Mine is venomoth got it on my second day playing and has help me get my Gold Gym Badge

This one

Got it on 8/21/16

My 100 Flareon got it before the appraisal system came out

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My 10 CP starter charmander…since day one

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Do u keep ur starter?
I gave it back to the professor.

Me too. Btw it was charmander