What's your general gym attackers?

When attacking a gym, you choose your attackers at the time for max efficiency, or you have a generalist party set up?
Heres mine:


I might not represent a majority, but I must admit: when I attack gyms I don’t care what Pokémon I use, so I just leave the preselected ones.
In most cases there are no 6 fully powered beasts with full motivation in there (you know … a 3000 Blissey, a 3600 Tyrantiar, a 3500 Dragonite,…) and it works well enough for me like this.


I bash everything thing with these guys


Nice team! I don’t even have a 15atk Machamp!
As far as preselected team goes, I really don’t like them, specially because I’m quite fond of metal type pokemon, but they’re awful attackers, and the calculator always likes to suggest them (Looking at my 2 98% Aggrons).
I did saw some improvement to the preselection, one of these days a Gengar was suggested to me.

The games auto selection loves to pick Aggrons as they have some staying power in the fight. This comes at a cost of doing a bit more damage per hit output and can drag the battle out a little longer
They are handy if your low on health items and time is not important. If you have plenty of health items it’s the ones that inflict the most amount of damage that are #1. Those few extra seconds can be all the difference trying to jump someone who might start throwing Golden Razzes

Raids? How did you get 6 100IV Machamp?

I would use my fighting team due to abundant normal type in opponent gym. For gym sweeping (low motivation and one round of battle), tend to use Mewtwo

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Good coverage

I usually let the computer pick. It either mostly does Aggrons or Alolan Executtors now.

Just use a dragonite…

Are you 'mon names NSFW??

Also I got real confused that my poxy 1200cp Noctowl was actually damaging a Machamp raid boss the other day - not sure if the weather played into it, or the Machamp was just phoning in his performance, but he wasn’t enjoying the flying attacks :rofl:

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They’re not that lol. Just some of them have names of friends etc in them. Just being safe lol

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All good :+1:

Just took down my first non-shite raid boss solo - male Kirlia (yeah yeah it’s only a lvl 2, but I had to redeem myself after an Alolan Exeggutor whipped my arse’ the other week).

The auto select team was mostly on point (it snuck a Weezing in there, but I swapped out to my Lairon & smashed the rest of it’s life away) & even a rogue Network Error (2) during the capture wasn’t going to deny me (first throw on it was my first ever excellent throw too, curve ball all day long bay-bee!!)

/End of self congratulatory post



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Yeah it’s what us noobs use before we have enough candy for an Aggron (let alone any of the decent ground or fighting raid counters) …trading bodyslams with a Snorlax was funny :rofl:


I’ll take Saiyan please. What does that mean?

What are the IV of those mew2?