Whats your Favourite Pokemon

Name your favourite Pokemon.

Mines a tie of Charizard and Lucario

whats your favourite?

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Duplicate topic but mine is tie between
Lapras talonflame greninja

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You know what it is…

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I have four 2nd favorite pokemon: Eevee, Flareon, Piplup, and Alolan Vulpix

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I dunno, it is like a 100 way tie, but some in there are Eevee, Necrozma, Naganadel, Mewtwo, Mew, Giratina, Arceus


I guess it’s a tie between Lucario, Metagross and Tyranitar (I’m crazy about Godzilla, so…)

Fav based on looks or abilities?

I don’t have a lot of good ones yet, but so far my shiny Lairon looks cool… can’t wait to evolve again but, need the Aron candies for my other Lairon that has a good IV.

Sadly I haven’t caught any shiny’s yet with a half decent IV.

My fav so far for raids is Exeggutor (tall one) with solar beam… always seems to shell out some good damage. Been trying to find one with a better IV though. Though for looks, he’s one of my least fav… He’s probably tied with my Metagross… who looks awesome and lasts in a fight.