What's up with those error codes?

Since the latest update I have been getting a diversity of error codes. Network error (2) being the most common. But also normal error 21, 25 and error 26. Anyone has any idea? Google is not a big help here…

Did you download the update from the APK on android?

Noooooooo nevvah i wouldnt na ah not me

Well, I know a lot of people have been complaining about the lag. Maybe they’re doing something big behind the scenes right now…(maybe gen 3 release…?)

During a Raikou raid yesterday after it was down and we received the balls and after tossing the first ball I was immediately error and out of the gym. reentered ,it gave me all the balls back, tossed another and another error kicked me out. this process was repeated several times until the raid on the gym expired and I was no longer able to return. the same thing happened to another player there.total sucks!

Bunch of these error codes are now explained and documented here: https://pokemongohub.net/error-codes/

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