What's the use?

I played this game for 6 hours today. A couple of raids … etc. This morning I fought a gym and defeated 3 pokemon. I claimed the gym and put my pokemon there. I even went back a few hours later and gave him a couple of raspberries, which I got some dust for. He was there for almost 12 hours and he was just returned and I got nothing. Nothing? No coins, nothing. What’s the use in even playing?

I’d rather pay for coins and claim the gym just for the team. With all the raids happening, trainers from other squads recognize the name and I recognize theirs. It eliminates introduction. Never started playing this game for any reward besides enjoyment. It’s what you make of it :v:t2:

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve played from the beginning and I still enjoy it. I play everyday but I do like to get some kind of reward or advance in some way

I think until cheats are completely out of the game, we may be playing this way for a while. It’s not the greatest reward system, but at least they didn’t eliminate it all together. The game continues to grow and get better and I’m sure they understand players frustrations. Remember when it was 1 coin per hour. :joy: That didn’t last long :v:t2:


I realize there will have to be tweaks and cheating needs to be eliminated but it won’t stop me from playing. I love the game!


We just have to make the most of the new system and have fun while doing it. I just play the game like I always have, fighting to keep my town Mystic. I don’t participate in or condone making “deals” with other teams just to get “my 50”. If valor takes my gym down, and I get my 50 coins, good. If not, I’ll just travel to Valors’ territory and take some gyms down there to get my 50. I think this system actually encourages more competitiveness than the old system, if you have the right mindset.

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