What's the most Mons you have had in a gym at the same time

I know you can only claim for 10 Mons in gym but what is the most you have have in gyms at the same time?
I have had 11 this only held for 3 hours :frowning:

14 gyms is my record.
10 overnight.
On average I have 5 gyms

15 is my record. But being Mystic it’s quite easy to be honest. That is if you are level 34 like me. Below level 30 it is much more difficult where I live.

On average I have about 10-14 mons in a gym so I am quite sure I get my maximum coins/stardust every day. The moment the number drops to 10 or 11 I go to a big city and put some extra in whenever I can.

Mine is probably something like 18. And that is when we were in a raid. But something that stood at least one day is like 14-15.

Most I’ve seen is…


Most is prob 17 but I usually receive 6 to 9 coins a day ! My yellow badge is kinda rare in md . The cp for me is never a problem for me most of the time if not all 3100 is ample to be at the top !

mine was 24. i had about 15 when i was at college and when i came home a pillaged throughout my nearby towns to get the other 9. I’ve had 21 still under my control and its been almost 4 weeks

55 that’s bonkers they must have lots of high CP mons

The most I’ve ever had in a gym was about 14 before I collected. I was on my way to work and had given myself enough extra time to take gyms in about 5 different towns along the way. Didn’t last though. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to collect a maximum of 10 coins after a 21 hour period without having to retake a gym.

Seems that the yellow team is pretty strong in Frederick, MD. I’ve pretty much been pushed out of all the gyms there.

I live in a small town with less than a thousand people. I started playing Ingress so I could be a beta tester for Pokemon go. Didn’t get lucky, but it did help me understand where all of the portals and such are in my area. I stay in about 22 gyms without having to battle. The most I have ever been in was 28, but I was not able to verify that with a picture because it did become less by the time I collected my gym money. :frowning: That was on a day that I went to a town where there was a lot of turnover and jumped in a lot of gyms with fellow team members. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where a lot of people are also on my team. I have one gym 8 miles down from my house that gets flipped every day, but other than that most of the gyms nearest me remain under my team’s control. I have no way of communicating with the other people on my team in my town or the surrounding towns other than one town that is about 30 minutes away. They have created a team chat on discord where we can communicate. That makes all the difference. If you guys have not set something up like that, I highly recommend it! I wish we had a team chat in towns that are closer to me. I realize all of this is going to change for me very soon. I appreciate it now because I do work and I know when we are having to feed Pokemon to keep them in gyms it will be more like Ingress where portals have to be charged, and I will definitely fall out of some of these gyms. Which is fair and I do appreciate that fact for other players. I am excited for the gym rework. The game is pretty dull for me right now. :confused:


Sadly 8 that didnt even lasted a night…

I’ve had my 2592 CP Blissy and my 3081 CP Rhydon in the same Gym for over a month and a half now! I call them my gate keepers. My rivals where I live are intentionally leaving them in these gyms because they don’t want me to power them up any more and use them to gain territory for my team. Personally I think it a poor tactic to hold my best Pokemon in gyms. I’ve hatched two Chansey’s while my Bliss has been in a gym and I walked my Snorlax into another gatekeeper at 3099 CP. Soon as my Blissy is nocked out of the gym I will be able to max it out.

In my rivals defense their tactic to intentinally hold my Blissy and Rhydon hostage was strategic. I had been dropping these two Pokemon in the heart of enemy territory for my fellow team mates as a beacon of hope every day I could on my lunch break. The beacon worked, my team holds two gyms for a day or two behind enemy lines while I collect my coins from my gatekeepers and enjoy my lunch.

My rivals have gone to great lengths to push me out of their territories but I average 5-7 Mon’s in a gym a day.

Only 5 gyms as I am on Team Instinct.

I like it that you give considerations to other teams. Thanks for the balanced perspective.

As for me, Level 40, my mon usually get kicked out in hours, sometimes minutes. So I only collect from a few gyms per day. Most opposing players target me, and even make obscene account names to specifically intimidate me. A bit stressful and un-fun, but I am gonna outlast most of them.

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Max 27 gyms, 18 used to be my threshold before starting a rampage again. But now down to 13 as not playing so vigorously. 2 reasons, too hot outside, just hit level 39. My highest mon is not even 3200CP, just wider base.

Wow. :frowning: That’s another reason I think setting up a chat in something like Discord is important. The chat I am a part of includes all Pokemon go players. We can communicate when there are sightings and I have become friends with Team Valor and team Instinct players. I think when you get to know people, it makes targeting them less important. I am friends with a level 40 team Valor player and I think she is great. We are supposed to go out hunting together one day soon. Before I knew her though, it seemed like she was constantly targeting my gyms in that one town, taking them down as soon as I took them over (we are the two highest level players in that town). When really we just seem to play at the same time! Which will work out for us playing together as well. I understand that this would be difficult in a larger town. The town I’m talking about is not a giant town, but it is giant compared to the town I live in! I would say they have about 35 gyms in their town as compared to my town which has 3. :slight_smile: There really is no reason for malicious play if everyone is playing fairly (which obviously you are and they arent!). I think the only player I actually get annoyed with at this point is a player that has two accounts that he puts in each of the gyms. He is not trying to disguise the fact that they are both his accounts and when I am battling he will drive up right next to me and undo what I have been doing. I just don’t care for the way he plays. I wish you all the best! It’s tough being a level 40 I would imagine. I’m sure a lot of people notice you! And yes, I am sure you will outlast those guys!

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I’ve held 7 gyms for the last 3 days now. I still have to battle for the other 3 everyday though. I have no desire to try to maintain more than 10. What is the point of that? Waste of potions.

My maximum is 8 at a time. Always need to drive out of town to get some good gyms which stay for a while and not get shaved.

Holding 18 gyms currently which is also my maximum …

I was holding between 11 to 13 for about 2 months but now I’m lucky to keep 5 in at any given time. From what I can tell we have a combination of spoofers and the local team Mystic got busy.