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What's the farthest you have walked with a buddy?

There will be allways people out of the normal range… and you are one of them.
For this only you are NOT a spoofer, maybe you are only different, jijiji
But you will accept that it is different to the “normal” player.
But, for example, I can imagine a person who is training for Marathon, and has all the time active his game, why not he can come up to 3000 km?
So I would like to say: Congratulations…

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Bless you too! I have no more ambitions about this game, coming from a straight player. Bless everyone!

Any takers after I quit? Yet to finish my 10 raids …

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Yeah! Got one taker right here.

Whow, that’s yellow, and everrything else is a joke…

Feel free, when you loose interest (I hope it will be never), I think we have to talk about.

Not far behind.
Finished the types 2 months ago. Ghost was the last one I needed.

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