What's the deal with Slakoth family?

Recently I evolved a Slakoth to Vigoroth - it had Yawn, of course. I use it in a battle today as a joke (thought it would be funny to do no damage to a cp10 Feebas) and it turns out it now has Counter as a quick move. What?

Slaking has Yawn as its only quick move, Vigoroth can learn 2 or 3 different quick moves since it’s not really a problem until you evolve it.

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Slakoth has yawn.
Vigoroth has several quick moves
Slaking has yawn.


Oh well, thank you. I still love them all. Will we ever see a Slaking with Counter? Will Yawn ever get even just 1 power?

I believe that (much like Splash for Magikarp) Yawn does do damage, it’s just such a small amount that it technically does 0 damage. I believe that Slaking will never have the opportunity to learn more than one quick move (unless there’s some special event).

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